We have always put a lot of effort into making good choices not just for Compass Paper Co but to help alleviate the pressure our choices put on the environment. Wanna know how??


We have moved our production to use only vegetable base inks on our stationery products. All new cards are produced this way and as we run through inventory of older designs, they will be reprinted with vegetable based inks as well. Because of that, our greeting cards and postcards printed with this ink are completely biodegradable and emit low VOC's during production. We are so stoked to cut our ties with petroleum based ink!


Our cards and postcards are printed on sustainably sourced paper. 100% recycled. 30% post-consumer content. Plus it is FSC, SFI and PEFC certified. 


To reduce our impact even further we have finally said goodbye to using PLA sleeves for customer orders! Your order will arrive in a recycled box or mailer that can easily we reused or recycled.  Our items are packaged together in a recycled and recyclable paper bag for a little extra protection. 


We are also taking efforts to cut our ties with plastic packaging tape. Our fun new paper based tape used on our shipping boxes can be recycled unlike the typical packaging tape.

We reuse shipping boxes and bags wherever possible. If we do use a "new" box, it is made from recycled materials.

This isn't the end all be all list. While we are proud of our efforts we have made to create a more responsible product, we are constantly striving to improve our process, lower our footprint and be better stewards.