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What better way to show off your totally radical style and brag about all of your amazing camping and hiking adventures than by sending out some outdoorsy postcards to tell your tales? Whether you’re sending off a climbing postcard to share the adventures of the latest mountain you’ve scaled or a tent postcard to wish your fellow outdoor-lover a good time on their upcoming bucket list hiking or backpacking trip, we have the perfect postcard options to add to your arsenal of awesome greeting cards and notes. Stock up for yourself or give them as gifts for friends and family to use!

We prioritize helping you to be able to maintain a certain level of peace of mind by implementing environmentally friendly resources for our postcards, such as eco-friendly printing and vegetable-based ink. We do this in an effort to be one of the companies that give back and help preserve the beautiful earth that has given us so many great opportunities for fun and awesome adventures. We make it a point to do our very best to be one of the most environmentally sustainable companies that give back to help maintain the beauty and nature around us.

When you buy postcards, or any of our other totally rad products, from Compass Paper Co., you’re supporting a small business, which in turn is supporting a real-life human being. And we think that is pretty dang cool of you. Thank you for being so awesome.