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What better way to show off your style than with some totally bomb enamel pins? Stick them on your jacket, backpack, purse, and more to show people what matters most to you (which is obviously smores and camping, I mean come on). Curated especially for the lovers of all things adventure and awesome, these pins are the perfect way to add some outdoorsy flair wherever you go. Be sure to collect all of the pins that represent what you love.

To clarify, yes, that does mean you will need all of the pins.

Are you getting some pins as a gift for a fellow lover of the outdoors? Look for the perfect card to go along with your gift! With greeting cards ranging from happy birthday to congratulations to thank you, and of course a healthy supply of “just because”, you’re sure to find the perfect greeting card for whatever you’re celebrating. All of our cards are made with eco-friendly resources, such as recycled paper and vegetable-based ink, in an attempt to provide some peace of mind and preserve this beautiful earth that we love so much.

When you buy any product from Compass Paper Co., you’re supporting a small business, which in turn is supporting a human being, which we think is pretty cool of you. Thanks for being so awesome.