Update from Compass Paper Co during Covid-19 Pandemic


Things are a little crazy out in the world right now. I'm sure you are overwhelmed. I know I am. Now more than ever it's important to be a kind human. And that means a lot of different things. It means looking out for each other. It means doing what is right for your community (like washing your hands, staying home when you can and not hoarding years worth of toilet paper). It means checking in with your people. 

For those who are making purchases and looking for a way to spread some love around, Compass Paper Co is still kicking and shipping out orders. I am washing my hands, wiping down surfaces and sending a lot of germ-free love through the mail. And for the foreseeable future, I am including a small sticker for every card you buy so you can seal your envelopes with a pop of color instead of a little bit of your spit.

We've got plenty of Just Because and Sympathy cards for all the people you need to love on from afar. And whether you are using one of our cards or not, please reach out to all your favorite people in your life. Everyone is going through something right now. And I deeply appreciate customers who are going out of their way to spend money and support small businesses. At this time we are also offering digital gift cards to either grab for yourself or send to a friend to cheer them up during this weird time.

I do understand though that many are really tightening those purse strings while we all wait together to see just how much of an impact this has on everything. I am offering free digital download greeting cards you can print from home. Find the downloads here and instructions here. All I ask if if you use them please fill them with love, positivity and let me see what you created by tagging @compasspaperco on instagram.

I am also constantly adding fun, free story templates on instagram. They are simply a goofy, easy way to take your mind off everything for a minute and do something fun. It's not much but it's something. Head to Compass Paper Co's instagram and hit our "Fun Stuff" story highlight to find our current templates. 

I sincerely hope you stay healthy and positive. Please take care of yourselves. Compass Paper Co loves you.


Much love from my studio in Northern Michigan,

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